Origins of “If I Were A Letter”

Bunny Patch Books is releasing their first book with a new way to learn the alphabet! In “If I Were A Letter,” the writers and illustrators create an easy to read book full of pictures and rhymes. The rhymes help the reader, or child, to say and remember each letter. The authors also put in the sounds and the upper and lower cases of each letter to help young readers with their sight and sound recognition.

“In the fall of 2007, I attended a parent teacher conference for my five-year-old daughter Mia,” said Lari Durnil. “Although she was thriving in most areas, she was struggling with her recognition of letters and sounds. We decided a fun way to help Mia with her reading skills would be to make our own alphabet book.”

Lari worked with her daughter, Mia, to make up rhymes for the different sounds of each letter. She then contacted Nancy Bellard and Kristin Davis and asked them to help come up with illustrations for each letter. “We went through the entire alphabet,” said Lari, “and when we were finished, we had a book!”

Lari is the owner of Bunny Patch Books, LLC., and co-author of the first publication, “If I Were A Letter.” Enlisting the help of her two daughters, Mia and Ana, her mother, her friend Nancy, and her highly talented friend Kristin, who is also an artist, Lari has begun publishing a series of children’s books specifically designed to entertain, enlighten and educate young readers.